10 Stay-at-Home Activities You Can Do with Your Kids for Family Day

Whether you want to be busy and creative or sit back and do something relaxing, there’s plenty of fun to be had at home on Family Day.

Make Homemade Playdough

All you’ll need is flour, cream of tartar, salt, water, oil, and food colouring. If your kids are old enough, they can even help make the playdough instead of just playing with it. Here’s a great recipe.

Make Slime

If your kids are older, try making slime. This fluffy slime recipe calls for glue, baking soda, water, shaving cream, contact lens solution, and food colouring. Beware, though: an unsupervised nine-year-old can easily turn your home into a slime factory.

Build Forts

Forts are good for movie marathons, story time, video games, hot cocoa, and all kinds of things. Actually, nearly anything on this list can be improved by doing it in a pillow or blanket fort.

Teach Grandma to Play Online Games

Would it take a few hours to walk Grandma through the process of buying, downloading, and playing Among Us? Yes. But seeing as how she’s spent her life patiently teaching her family so many things, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to pay it forward. There are lots of fun online games you can play with family.

Stream Your Games

Alternatively, you could organize an all-cousins game tournament, set yourself up to stream on Twitch, and host a viewing party for the rest of the extended family. That way you won’t have to coach Grandma on the finer points of avoiding an Imposter, but she still gets to enjoy watching the grandkids do something.

Make a Stop-Motion Movie

You have cameras. Now all you need is actors. You can use Legos, action figures, clay, paper dolls, or whatever you have on hand.

Build a Terrarium

If you want something that’s one-part science project and one-part arts and crafts, look no further than a terrarium. You’ll just need some old jars, dirt, rocks, and plants. It’s easy but fun and time-intensive.

Make a Dorodango

Are you a total arts-and-crafts whiz who’s mastered all the basics? Do you need a real challenge? Then look no further than dorodango – a ball of mud that is smoothed and polished into a perfect sphere. Does that sound challenging? Here’s a step-by-step video explaining how to do it.

Movie Viewing Party

Gather together on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or your digital space of choice and watch something with the whole family. Maybe you all have a TV show you’d like to get into. Or maybe you have some family movies you haven’t seen in a while.

Recreate Old Family Photos

Have an old family photo you especially cherish? Now that everyone is all grown up, maybe you can try to recreate it, like this.