18 Fun Nostalgic Costume Ideas

Is the dream of the ’90s alive in you and not just in Portland? Then try one of these nineties’ nostalgia costumes on this Halloween.

Power Rangers

How confident are you in spandex?

Daria & Jane

La la la la la . . .

Not only does this costume make for a great duo, but you also probably have all the elements. Assuming you kept your combat boots from your youthful grunge phase. You did, right?

Spice Girls

Do you and four friends want to spice up your lives this Halloween? Grab your Union Jack dress and red lace-up boots and you’re good to go.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Contestants

You’ll need to silkscreen some shirts and paint some helmets gold. The great thing about this costume is it’s a flexible group costume. Whether there are two of you or ten, it works.

Wayne & Garth

Another super easy duo, you basically just need grungy check shirts, big dorky glasses, and a Wayne’s World hat.

The Hocus Pocus Witches

We’re big fans of the movie, so why be any witches when you can be the best witches there are?

Cher from Clueless

Was grunge the only fashion going on in the ’90s? As if!

Ed & Dexter

You just need light-blue striped shirts, cute lil’ paper hats, and maybe a beverage container with the Good Burger logo.

Romy & Michele

Get a couple of very shiny dresses with matching shoes, and you’re our favourite blonde duo.


Look, a Steve Urkel costume could be great or could be terrible. It really, really depends on how often you ask whether you did something or not. Or whatever his catchphrase was. We’ve repressed that memory.

Ms. Frizzle

Finding a dress with planets all over it may be a challenge, but combine that with a stuffed iguana and a red wig and you’re our favourite fictional teacher.

Dexter & Dee Dee

All you have to do is spend the night yelling “Get out of my laboratory!” at Dee Dee to really sell these costumes.

Carmen Sandiego

It might be hard to secure a red trench coat and matching hat, but there’s no finer international woman of mystery.


So many classic looks to choose from! You could do their short-shorts ensemble from “Shoop,” their fancy style from “Expression,” or—if you’re crafty—their classic take on letterman jackets from “Push It.”

The Powerpuff Girls

If you and two friends are sugar, spice, and everything nice, then you can be three cute little superheroes. And if you have a fourth friend, they can be Mojo Jojo.

Space Jam

If you’re nostalgic but just want to buy something, Space Jam jerseys and shorts are on Amazon. And can be used after Halloween.

A League of Their Own

Another good group costume, the Rockford Peaches require a little sewing work and some baseball accessories.

Dr. Grant & Dr. Sattler

These two Jurassic Park leads are surprisingly easy to pull off for Halloween. Dr. Grant just needs khaki slacks, a jean shirt, a red bandana, and a tan fedora. Dr. Sattler just needs khaki shorts, a blue top, and a pink overshirt. And if you have another friend who wants in on the action, they just need one of those inflatable dinosaur costumes.