5 Raptors-inspired snacks for your NBA Finals viewing party

It’s the first time in history that the NBA Finals are being held in Canada, and with our Raptors coming on strong, we’re already prepping for our viewing parties!

We know you’d usually stock up on ketchup chips, cheezies, and fully-loaded nachos, but this game? This isn’t your usual hockey or baseball – this is the NBA Finals, and they call for something different.

We’re getting the big screen ready and celebrating with snacks that the Raptors would choose themselves, making this the one time when “eating like an athlete” and “party foods” might actually be the same thing.

1. Fried Chicken and Maple BBQ Dip

Pascal Siakam isn’t just die-hard about his chicken and waffles, he’s a true Toronto boy now and adds maple syrup to the chicken, just like we do. We’d definitely eat this for brunch, but for the game we’d keep it easy with fried chicken and a maple BBQ dip.

2. Cheesy Veggie Quesadillas

Kawhi Leonard’s strategy is all about keeping it so fresh and so clean. We respect his love of juice bars and sandwich joints over fast food chains. For the Finals, we’d tip the scale a little bit with cheesy, veg-filled quesadillas to keep them healthy and fun.

3. Ribs & Sliders

 When Danny Green craves a cheat mealfrom his hometown he goes all in. Chicken, ribs, fast food burgers, and vanilla shakes. No wonder it’s a “cheat”! We’d definitely include ribs and slider burgers at our parties – we bet you would too!

4. Creamy Greens 

King Kyle Lowry’s fave post-game food? Obviously, the king of greens, chicken Caesar salad! That’s a salad we all make friends with. We’d go ahead and have that during the games for you, Kyle!

5. Veggies & Two Dips

Marc Gasol’s favourite quinoa bowls and tuna sushi would seriously up-level the snacks at any sports viewing party. But when Gasol moved to a plant-based diet, he also started growing his own vegetables! It might not be traditional playoffs grub, but we’d serve a hefty plate of veg, hummus, and creamy dip in his honour.