5 Reality TV Shows We’re Watching Now

We get it, this is the era of prestige TV . . . but sometimes we just want to turn off our brains and watch fun TV. And if reality TV is anything, it’s fun.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

When was the last time the cast of Jersey Shore was actually at the Jersey Shore? These days, they’re bringing Jersey everywhere they go: Miami, El Paso, LA, San Diego, the Florida Keys . . . rest assured that if your town has a beach and a night life, the cast of Jersey Shore, now a little older but no less tanned, will show up and fist pump to “No Americano.” Who overacted at whose wedding, whether or not the Situation should dye his hair blond, why Angelina left the show back in season one (and two!) . . . these aren’t real problems but they sure help us forget our own lives for a bit.

The Masked Singer

September can’t come fast enough! We’re excited to see the new costumes, hear the new voices, and see if for once the judges won’t overreact and guess that Beyoncé is behind one of the masks. It’ll be hard to top the cool factor of last season’s hydra costume, what with its three heads and smoke-breathing. But we bet there’s something cool in store. And we’re holding out for Lisa Kudrow making an appearance on the show. Come on! Smelly cat! And her costume could be a cat! Make it happen, Fox!

Big Brother Célébrités

Sorry Americans, but the Quebec version of Big Brother is the best version of Big Brother. Our housemates are funnier, they seem like they’d be more fun to hang out with, plus the drama isn’t as silly. And the winner this year was Stephanie Harvey, which we can always be happy about.

Dancing with Myself

Shakira’s hips don’t lie and she really wants you to dance. That’s why she’s hosting this dance reality TV show where a group of everyday people try out the latest dance trends from social media and compete against each other. Of course, it helps that they are coached by Shakira, along with Nick Jonas, Liza Koshy, and host Camille Kostek.

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer

If you liked the original Joe Millionaire that premiered back in 2003 (we know, we know—we’re sorry—those 20 years just flew by, didn’t they?) then you’ll love the new concept, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer. One bachelor is a millionaire for real and the other is not at all. Sadly, unlike the original, neither is a rodeo clown. But they are both super hunky, so they’ve got that going.