6 Best Gordon Ramsay Shows, Ranked

Gordon Ramsay has a bigger IMDb page than most celebrity chefs out there, so we’re not even going to make a list of all his shows and appearances. Instead, here are the very best—so you won’t see the UK version of Hell’s Kitchen or his movie Love’s Kitchen. Here are the best Gordon Ramsay shows, ranked.

Boiling Point / Beyond Boiling Point

You have to search for it these days, but Gordon Ramsay’s first real TV series is a must-watch for fans of the foul-mouthed chef. It’s easy to see why he gets so frustrated with chefs making mistakes—after all, he has one restaurant, his name is on the door, and he’s labouring to pay back a £200,000 loan and on a quest to be the youngest chef ever to achieve three Michelin stars. And this is Ramsay’s only series where he’s primarily a chef. He hasn’t sharpened his TV skills yet, he hasn’t developed his hosting skills, and he’s still wet behind the ears.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

Once upon a time, chefs only really did cooking shows. That’s easy to forget. And Ramsay has done a fair number of them—but this one is the best. He takes you through 100 “core” recipes that will teach you all the basic kitchen skills you need to know. Plus, this show aired in 2013, which made it really easy to cook along on our iPads.

Next Level Chef

We’ll admit that we initially found the premise of Next Level Chef a little gimmicky. But a big part of the reason we like the show is we’d kill it in the basement kitchen. Oh, you’re using a crappy camp stove? We had one of those in our first apartment after college! Oh, you don’t know what potted meat is? We learned to make something good from that when we were ten! Although we’ll admit that we dream about that top-level kitchen. Maybe one day we’ll renovate with that in mind . . .

Kitchen Nightmares

It’s hard to believe this series has been off the air for eight years. You watch it to see if Gordon Ramsay can fix an ailing restaurant, but you also watch it just to see how screwed up a restaurant can get. Also, this parody by Little Gordon is pretty spot on.

Master Chef

You don’t have 12 seasons without doing something right. Yeah, the show can be a little emotional at times, but it’s very cool to see a dozen very talented people doing their best at something. We’ll never cease to be amazed by how different dishes look when the contestants do a mystery box challenge or how fast they can whip up something amazing during a pressure test.

Hell’s Kitchen

The American version of Hell’s Kitchen (the British version was silly and featured D-list British celebrities) has truly stood the test of time. After 20 seasons, we still tune in to see if chefs can get thrown into a kitchen and cook food up to Gordon Ramsay’s standards. Yes, it’s entertaining when they fail—but it’s even more entertaining when they succeed. By the end of a season you see some chefs make truly amazing food and impress Ramsay and some of the world’s best chefs. We’re excited for the new season in September.