7 Reasons Your Home Could Use a Doorbell Camera

Unsure you need or want a doorbell camera in your life? Here are a few reasons to install one right away.

Screen Visitors

A doorbell camera can let you see who is at the door before you open it. This gives you the option to ignore them if you so choose. Conversely, if you’re busy and need whoever is there to wait a second, you can speak to them via the speaker. And if you have a big household, you can safely ignore visitors for other household members and let them deal with it.

Visual Deterrence

Whether it’s a would-be thief, vandal, or another fool up to no good on your front porch or lawn, a camera provides a little nudge towards a more socially acceptable action. Home security systems are so good at deterring troublemakers that people fake having them; a doorbell camera provides the same deterrence to bad behaviour with many added benefits.

And we’re not just talking about porch pirates or break and enter artists. Plenty of minor mischief can be deterred too, like flower stealers, kids breaking things, or people littering in your yard. That’s right, neighbour Bob. You’re definitely cleaning up after your dog now.

Porch Pirates

Doorbell cameras are a good way to protect against porch pirates. But, if deterrence doesn’t work and they lift your package anyway, now you have footage to prove you didn’t get what you ordered, thus ensuring you get a rebate. And provide the footage to the police, if you so choose.

Delivery Clarity

When did your delivery arrive? Did it actually arrive? Did the delivery person ring the bell as they were required to do so or just leave a slip and run away in under twenty seconds?

Whatever happened, it’s on camera now. You don’t have to guess; you can know for sure.

Visual Records for Accidents

Doorbell cameras catch more than porch pirates. They sometimes see accidents, car crashes, vandalism, and other things that should be recorded for either police or insurance purposes. If your neighbour’s parked car is struck and the perpetrator drives off, wouldn’t it be nice to help them out by handing over some footage?

Keep Track of Your Kids

Like to know when your kids are coming and going? Or who they’re bringing home? A doorbell camera is an unobtrusive way to keeping track of your household. They don’t always remember to text, so the doorbell camera can step in. Besides, your kids might want to chat with you via doorbell cam, as this guy did here.

Capture Something Neat

Doorbell cameras have shown us that neighbourhoods are full of cute pets, interesting wildlife, people doing good things for each other, and other magical moments. Who knows, you might end up with your own viral video.