7 Times Homer Comes in Clutch for His Kids

We know Homer is sometimes not a great family man. Bart once said that he’s gone whole summers without seeing Homer. But Homer comes through when it really counts.

When Homer Supports Lisa Against Jebediah Springfield

Episode: 7×16 “Lisa the Iconoclast”

Lisa discovers that Jebediah Springfield is actually a nefarious pirate who once tried to kill George Washington, but no one, not even Marge, will believe her—except Homer. He knows that Lisa’s always right about this stuff, and this time he wants in on the ground floor! But because he supports Lisa, he loses his job as the town crier—a role he embiggened with his cromulent performance.

When Homer Lets Maggie Keep Bobo

Episode: 5×04 “Rosebud”

In a homage to Citizen Kane, Burns is on the hunt for his childhood teddy bear Bobo, and he’ll pay anything for it. It happens to be in Maggie’s hands, and Homer lets her keep it, putting her happiness ahead of potentially millions of dollars.

When Homer Buys Lisa’s Sax (Twice)

Episode: 9×03 “Lisa’s Sax”

In a flashback episode, the Simpsons discover that Lisa is gifted. Sadly, they don’t have the money to send her to private school. However, Homer finds out that a musical instrument is the way to nurture a gifted child (he asks God for a sign and a sign appears in the store window), so he gives up his air conditioner fund to buy Lisa’s sax. In the present, he does the same thing again.

When He Supports Bart’s Soapbox Derby

Episode: 3×09 “Saturdays of Thunder”

Homer bonds with Bart over his soapbox derby car, but when Bart jumps ship to Martin Prince’s team, Homer is crushed and won’t go to the derby. But he realizes that he isn’t as bad a father as everyone thinks and puts his own feelings aside to rush to the derby and support Bart.

When Homer Saves Lisa’s Self-Esteem

Episode: 9×17 “Lisa the Simpson”

Lisa thinks she’s doomed to stupidity thanks to the “Simpson gene,” so Homer summons every Simpson he knows to prove that not all Simpsons turn out dumb. Sadly, all the men he asks have jobs like running an unsuccessful shrimp company or begging celebrities for money. However, the women are doctors, lawyers, and regional sales directors, which helps Lisa realize she can be a success.

When Homer Sneaks Lisa into the Museum

Episode: 9×24 “Lost Our Lisa”

Lisa is distraught after getting lost on her way to the museum and says she’ll never take such a stupid risk again, which upsets Homer. Homer tells her it’s important in life to take dumb risks, and to prove it, he sneaks her into the museum and the two are rewarded with the discovery of an ancient music box.

When Homer Puts His Dream Aside for Maggie

Episode: 6×13 “And Maggie Makes Three”

Homer’s big dream in life is to work at a bowling alley, and he finally does so after rudely quitting the nuclear plant. But when Marge becomes pregnant with Maggie, Homer is forced to beg for his old job back by crawling through a tunnel marked “supplicants” and being subjected to the special de-motivational plaque, which reads: “Don’t Forget: You’re Here Forever.” That’s why Homer decorates his space with pictures of Maggie, covering up a few letters here and there so it instead reads: “Do It For Her.” And that’s how we know Homer is a great dad.