9 Nineties Looks That Are Back in Style

Fashion is cyclical so naturally some of our favourite nineties looks, such as chunky shoes, claw clips, and matching plaid, are back in style. And bucket hats are also back.

Chunky Shoes

Get ready to channel your inner Daria Morgandorffer, because big chunky shoes are back! And they need not be Doc Martens! Plenty of other brands are making their boots (and shoes, sandals, and even flip-flops) chunky. Or you could do what you did as a kid and hit up your local army surplus store.

Knee Socks

Preppy looks were a big deal in the ’90s, and there was no better exemplar of the cool preppy girl than Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Of course, keeping the darn things up is still a bit of a chore.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats must have been one of the most divisive trends of the ’90s. But love ’em or hate ’em, bucket hats are back in a big way—and the new crop looks even less like they belong on the head of a fisherman.

Thick Hairbands

Hair accessories were a big deal in the ’90s. Seriously, kids, you don’t even know how many different hair things were promoted on infomercials. But the most popular had to be big, thick hairbands. Good kids who did their homework on time wore thick hairbands. And chances are, their moms did too.

Claw Clips

Speaking of hair accessories, EVERYONE put their hair up in a claw clip at one point or another. It no doubt helps that Rachel from Friends was a big fan.

Adidas Flip-Flops

Back in the ’90s, basically everyone wore Adidas flip-flops at one point or another. Between now and then it was mainly a frat boy thing, but the rest of us are acknowledging what the frat boys knew all along: they are super comfortable.

Matching Plaid

Another Clueless special, matching plaid jacket/skirt sets are back, and as long as the plaid is interesting, they’re great.

Spaghetti Straps

Were there any straps in the nineties that weren’t spaghetti straps? Everything from little black dresses suitable for evening soirées to casual tops meant for pyjama pizza night came with spaghetti straps.


Another nineties style embraced by kids and grown-ups alike, denim overalls are super  comfortable but still stylish.