9 Things People With Unlimited Internet Don’t Worry About

Life with an unlimited Internet plan is way better than life without one. Don’t believe us? Here are 9 reasons why.

Turning to HD

HD takes more bandwidth and uses more data than standard definition. If you stream an hour-long standard definition video, you’ll use about 0.7 GB. If you stream an hour-long high-definition video, you use more than twice that at 1.5 GB. If you’re carefully measuring Internet usage, you’ll be forgiven for setting YouTube and Netflix to automatically stream in lower, less crisp, definition. 

But if you have unlimited Internet, you get to choose the best possible picture every time. 

. . . or 4K

Speaking of the best possible picture, the new but growing ultra-high-definition standard, 4K, demands even more of your Internet! An hour of video at 4K weighs in at around 7.2 GB. 

Constant Audio Streaming

Streaming audio isn’t as data-heavy as streaming videos. Normal quality audio-only uses 0.07 GB per hour. But people spend a lot more time streaming audio than video—if they aren’t worried about bumping up against a data cap. Leaving Spotify on in the background all day or launching into a serious podcast binge isn’t a problem for people with unlimited Internet. 


If youre on a limited Internet plan, ten or so security updates can really put a dent in your total Internet usage. And if your phone unexpectedly needs a 1.7 GB update at the end of the month, you can very easily get pushed past your data limit and into extra charges territory. 

Of course, people with unlimited Internet stop worrying about the size of software updates pretty quickly. 

Extra Charges

If you have a data cap and go over, every gigabit over the cap costs extra money. Do it often enough and the unlimited data plan is cheaper anyway. 

Video Game Downloads (and Re-Downloads)

If you want to download and install Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll need 70 GB of free space on your computer and an Internet plan than can handle a download that size. And if you rage quit, delete the game, and begrudgingly re-install it days later, you’ll have to do all that again. Game files are among the biggest things most people download, and people with unlimited Internet have a clear advantage in that they don’t need to plan their downloads around billing cycles. Oh, and they don’t have to worry about big patches to new games. Given that Cyberpunk 2077 saw a 43 GB day-one patch (and it looks as if there’ll be more patching in its future), that’s good news for people with unlimited Internet. 

Missing the Data Overage Notice

Your provider gives you a warning when you get close to a data cap or when you start going over it. But if the member of your household who sees the notice forgets to tell everyone else, it’s pretty easy to start racking up charges before you know you’re being charged. 

Curtailing Internet Stuff near the End of the Month

And once you get that data cap notice near the end of a billing cycle, habits start to look a bit different until a new cycle starts. Were you nearly done watching The Queen’s Gambit? It’s too bad, now you have to wait. 

Handling the Internet Usage of Visitors

Ever had a bunch of family members over for Christmas and then received an eye-watering Internet bill in January for a scandalous amount of overage? Never getting one of those again is almost worth the price of unlimited Internet. 

The Big Takeaway

Life is better with unlimited Internet. There’s no need to plan data usage; you can always opt for the best possible version of music, shows, and movies; and you get the freedom to download or stream what you want, when you want it. And that’s exactly what we need right now.