The One with All the Friends Aliases

You know the Friends gang just like they’re your real friendsBut how many times have Ross, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, and Pheebs gone by different names – and do you know what they were?

Here are times the Friends went by aliases …

Q: When Chandler wants to change his name to something cooler, what does he choose?

A: Clint

In a bid to have one of Frank and Alice’s babies named after them, Joey and Chandler start a competition in “The One with Rachel’s New Dress.” Chandler proclaims that he hates his stupid name and he’s changing it to Clint. Joey and Phoebe don’t buy it, so Pheebs offers the alternative Gene.

Q: What did Monica’s father nickname her as a child?

A: Harmonica

Although Monica’s relationship with her parents has always been strained, they do have a pet name for her. Jack Geller often refers to his daughter as his “Little Harmonica.” The nickname continues into adulthood, where at her drunken 30th birthday party, Monica announces: “That’s right, Mom and Dad! Your Little Harmarmica is HAMMERED!”

Q: When Phoebe’s engaged to Mike, she decides to change her name to Princess _______   ________ Hammock?

A: Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

When Phoebe discovers that she can change her name to anything she likes, instead of taking her new husband’s surname, she changes her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Don’t worry, though: Phoebe says her friends can call her Valerie. There’s no mention of where the name comes from, but insiders know that Valerie is Lisa Kudrow’s real middle name.

Q: When Ross gets super angry, what does he call himself?

A: Red Ross

In “The One With All the Rugby,” Ross realizes that he has to impress Emily. So he’ll need to get serious on the pitch and bring out “Red Ross,” the rage-version of himself that originated with an incident where a bunch of guys skipped ahead of him and Joey at a showing of “Dances with Wolves.” Joey, of course, has zero memory of “Red Ross.”

Q: In response to Phoebe’s name change, what does her fiancé, Mike, change his name to?

A: Crap Bag

When Phoebe just won’t give up on being Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, Mike decides to give her a taste of her own medicine and tells her he’s changing his name to Crap Bag. When Mike says he loves Princess Consuela, she says “and I love Crap.” Matters only get worse when she has to introduce her husband to one of her massage clients by using his new name.

Q: What is the name that appears on Chandler’s TV Guides?

A: Miss Chanandler Bong

In “The One With the Embryos”, the stakes are high when a harmless game goes wrong and the Friends apartments are on the line. To settle the wager, Ross creates a trivia game in which we learn that Chandler’s TV Guide label is incorrectly addressed to “Miss Chanandler Bong.”

 Q: What was Phoebe’s standby fake name?

A: Regina Phalange

Our favourite of the Friends aliases has to be Regina Phalange, the moniker that Phoebe used whenever she needed to give a fake name. The first time we heard the famous name was in Season 5, just after Ross calls Emily “Rachel” at the altar. It reappeared in many episodes, including the one in which Phoebe creates a French version – “Régine Philange.”