Do You Really Need Unlimited Internet? Find Your Plan.

Over the course of an extremely short period in human history, the Internet has evolved from a means of wireless military communication to being the backbone behind billions of daily financial transactions, communications and memes – lots and lots of memes. It’s actually quite extraordinary when you really stop and think about how intertwined this technology has become with modern life.

Have you ever taken a step back and given some real thought about whether your High Speed Internet plan is right for you? Is your current Internet Service provider able to offer you a personalized solution with multiple options to ensure you’re getting the best value? Do they have other options to adapt right along with you if your needs or financial reality were ever to change?  There are many important factors to look at when assessing Internet Service providers.

Start with looking at your current provider

Whether your current lifestyle requires only a limited amount of High Speed Internet use, or your family spends most of their time at home time streaming content or gaming online, it’s important to select an Internet Service provider that offers both capped and unlimited High Speed Internet plans. This can provide you with the flexibility to switch between plans as your usage needs change.

Some independent High Speed Internet providers like Distributel also offer added flexibility in terms of available technology because they offer both DSL and Cable High Speed Internet. For example, if you notice that your current DSL High Speed Internet service has speed limitations because of your proximity to the Central Office or due to issues with your phone wiring, being with a High Speed Internet provider that can offer you the alternative technology would make switching platforms much easier.

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Find Your Plan

The unlimited versus capped Internet decision generally depends on your regular usage. If you have a capped Internet plan but regularly run beyond your allotted data, you may find yourself forgoing Internet for a few days at the end of each month or switching back and forth to an unlimited plan to avoid overage charges. On the other hand, paying extra for unlimited High Speed Internet may be wasted money if your usage falls below the threshold of a capped plan on a regular basis.

When evaluating whether you should pay for an unlimited plan, you should use the Distributel Find Your Plan Tool  to help you assess which High Speed Internet plan is best suited for your own individualized needs or simply give us a call at  1-877-810-2877.

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