Home Tech Projects While Quarantined

Got some time on your hands while you shelter in place? Consider the tech in your life. It can be organized, cleaned, or arranged to prevent or mitigate problems down the road. 

What kinds of projects are we talking about?


Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Your Important Accounts

Make a list of your most important accounts, such as your bank account, email address, online shopping platform you use all the time, etc. Then enable two-factor authentication on all them. It’s more secure than just relying on a single password. 


Delete Old, Unused Accounts

If you’ve been online long enough you probably have old email addresses, old accounts, and other internet bric-a-brac with your information attached. Make a list and start deleting. You can check justdelete for more information on how to delete specific services. 


Clean Up Your Facebook and Other Social Media Profiles

Delete old unflattering pictures, clean up past comments and posting that reflect a younger, perhaps less cautious self, and update (or remove) old and out dated information.


Clean Cable Nests

It’s among the least fun of spring cleaning tasks, but you’ll feel like Marie Kondo when you’re done. Sort and untangle your cable nests in places like behind your PC or under your TV, remove superfluous cables, label the ones that remain, stuff extra cable lengths into cable organizers or zip tie them together, get some new surge protectors…the list can be endless


Clean Out Your Old Tech Drawer

Doesn’t every home have a drawer where old cables, remotes, hard drives, and other tech detritus accumulates? Go through it and get rid of anything that no longer works or doesn’t go with the technology you currently have. 


Clean Out Your Old Warranty Drawer

See “Clean Out Your Old Tech Drawer”.


Update (or Create) Back Ups

You have a backup hard drive, right? And an offsite, cloud backup for your valuable documents, family photos, curtail digital information, and more, right? If not, now is the time to set that up. 


Enable Find & Lock On Your Phone

Speaking of your phone. if you lose it, you’ll want to be able to remotely lock it and then find it. So, enable these valuable digital tools right away. 


Wipe Your Old Tech

Old computers and phones you want to pass along or get rid of? Wipe ‘em now.


Recycle Your Old Tech

Take your old computers, batteries, and electronics to designated recyclers, since they can’t go in the trash. Or, find out your city’s policy on electronic recycling/disposal, since some places take them on certain days or under certain circumstances. 


Clear Up Space On Your Phone

Go through old apps, data, and other digital accumulation on your phone and free up that space. 


Investigate New Antivirus Protection 

Get the latest and greatest antivirus protection for your computers and phones. Most services have plans for multiple devices, which is no doubt something worth looking into. 


The Big Takeaway 

Most of this stuff doesn’t get done because it isn’t exciting or people don’t have time. Well, if you have time now and you’re in the mood to invest in an ounce of prevention, want to take your spring cleaning to the next level, or need so save some time and money, try a few of these projects on for size.