Our January Must-See TV & Movies

Brand new year – brand new views! After all those holiday parties, we’re craving a little downtime and lots of great TV! Here’s what we’re looking forward to all month long.

Doctor Who – CTV Sci-Fi, January 1

After three long years of waiting for new Doctor Who episodes, we’re more than ready to jump back into the TARDIS! All we can say is that at least one episode will take the Doctor to occupied Paris in 1943 – during the height of World War II.

Sex, Explained – Netflix, January 2

Provocative, steamy, and even quirky, this limited docuseries promises to explain everything you ever wanted to know about sex and probably more than you’d ever think to ask! We’re looking forward to this fresh look at the birds and the bees, voiced by acclaimed singer-actor Janelle Monáe.

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards – NBC, January 5

Get your tuxes and gowns ready! Ricky Gervais hosts the film/TV award show for the fifth time. Of course, it’s his favourite, because it’s the one where celebs get tipsy – and funny. We’re predicting a solid sweep for Netflix, but we’ll have to wait and see!

The Bachelor – ABC, January 6

In the 24th season, Pete Weber  is back and on the hunt for love! This season’s cast of 30 women are as accomplished as they are beautiful. But the questions remain: are they all there for the right reasons? And will Pete finally find true love?

AJ and the Queen – Netflix, January 10

If you love RuPaul, you’ll love this new comedy. Mama Ru co-created it and stars as a drag queen on a cross-country journey to open a club when a runaway child throws a wrench in the plans.

The Outsider – CRAVE, January 12

Adapted from one of Stephen King’s latest works, The Outsider is produced by and stars Jason Bateman. The miniseries follows a group of investigators, led by Ben Mendelsohn as Det. Ralph Anderson, as they struggle to solve the mysterious murder of a young boy.

Sex Education – Netflix, January 17

The first season of this surprisingly heartwarming British hit about an underground sex clinic run by the teenage son of a sex therapist had us doubled over laughing and hugging our hearts. We’ve already got the snacks ready. No doubt we’ll be binge-watching Season 2.

Dolittle – Cineplex, January 17

Dr. Dolittle, famed veterinarian in Victorian England, lives in seclusion after his wife’s death. When the queen falls ill, though, he is given the task of venturing to an exotic island in search of a cure. The quirky Robert Downey Jr. stars as Dolittle.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – CRAVE, January 19

Shockingly, Curb has been on the air in one form or another for 20 years. Sure, that includes a few hiatuses, even one that lasted six years, but if that means we get another full season of Larry David’s comedy, then it’s worth it. Season 10 starts this January!

Star Trek: Picard – CTV Sci-Fi, January 23

The anticipation of this series has been Earl Grey–level HOT. Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Jean-Luc Picard, favourite commander of the Starship Enterprise, in a storyline set at the end of the 24th century, two decades after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.

The Good Place – NBC, January 30

The final season has been on a break since November, leaving us hanging on for the finale episodes in January. But now that we’re here, we’re not sure we’re really ready to know how the cosmological journey of Eleanor, Chidi, and the gang ends!

Looks as if online he’s usually referred to as Peter. Just checking Pete is intentional.