If there’s one thing Letterkenny has a lot of, it’s slang. If you ever find yourself a little lost, consult this handy-dandy guide.

Pitter Patter

When Wayne (and occasionally Katy) wants someone to get to the point, they tell ’em, “Pitter patter!”

But there’s a second meaning here. If it’s time to get up and go somewhere, to put a plan into action, or it’s just time to move on with life, one character will announce, “Pitter patter,” and another will respond, “Let’s get at ’er!”


Coined by the Letterkenny team (in their original YouTube shorts, no less), to call someone 10-ply is to call someone very soft. If 2-ply toilet paper is softer than 1-ply, then 10-ply must be very soft indeed.

Spare Parts

If you’re a useless person, you’re spare parts.

Tarps Off

A tarp is a hockey sweater. And yes, hockey players wear sweaters, not jerseys. If you’re pulling your tarp off, you’re getting ready for a fight.


Chirping is hockey-specific trash talking. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of good chirps for the next time you’re playing shinny with the boys.


This piece of real-world hockey slang is short for “for the boys.” It means to do something for one’s friends or team. If you haven’t played hockey, you’re probably hearing this for the first time from Letterkenny.

Pert Near

Pretty close.

Texas-Sized 10-4

10-4 is radio jargon for “understood.” Cops have been using it since the 1930s. If it’s a Texas-sized 10-4, then it’s very understood.

Pump the Breaks

Slow down.


The hockey rink. Rural Canada has called their rinks barns since back when their first rinks were literally repurposed barns.

I Suggest You Let That One Marinate

You should think about what Wayne’s just told you because he’s pretty serious about it.


A championship. Because it’s a ship, you see?

A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

A little bit of something is more than enough. The phrase was used to advertise Brylcreem, a hair-care product in the 1950s.

Bad Gas

Gossip. When Squirrelly Dan says, “Bad gas travels fast in a small town,” he’s saying gossip gets around quickly.

Low Bones

When you go to tap knuckles with someone, but you both do it super low-key and keep your arms down. Maybe you need to see it to understand it.