Memorable Moments from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

If the Oscars are the most prestigious awards show of the awards season, then the Screen Actors Guild Awards are like the comedy roast of the awards season. Presenters gently rib the nominees, winners joke about their co-stars and themselves, and the hosts make fun of everyone. We come for the winners, but stay for the humour.

Winona Ryder Goes Through Every Emotion

The ensemble win for the first season of Stranger Things was a pretty big deal all by itself, but the thing the internet loved most was Winona Ryder’s reaction. Scratch that, reactions.

Lily Tomlin Has All the Jokes

Sure, some people think that the SAG Awards are just about predicting the Oscars. But the real point of watching the SAG Awards is that they’re usually pretty funny. Take Lily Tomlin’s acceptance speech, which contained such gems as “Somehow I learned how to turn my flaws into spiritual lessons. I must say watching Oprah really helped” and “As long as I don’t have to audition, I may be back.”

Carrie Fisher Presents Her Mom with a Lifetime Achievement Award

Who was a bigger star, Debbie Reynolds or Carrie Fisher? It’s hard to say, but you’d be hard pressed to name a more notable mother-daughter showbiz duo. Fisher began her speech with the words “I’m very close to this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award honouree,” and it’s equal parts funny and poignant from there.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Accepts Award in PJs

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the first person to accept a SAG award via Twitter, back in 2018. And who could have predicted that remotely accepting an award would be a thing in a few short years? In retrospect, they could’ve put her on Zoom.

Steve Buscemi Knows Memes

Last year, Buscemi closed out the show by asking, “How do you do, fellow actors?”

The man gets his own memes, which makes him even cooler.

Betty White Is Older Than Sliced Bread & Hilarious

Not many people have won Emmys over multiple decades, but most people aren’t Betty White. Also, most ninety-year-olds don’t make risqué jokes at the expense of their much younger audience, but most people aren’t Betty White. And not many people will be described by Sandra Bullock as “annoying” or in turn call Sandra Bullock “very plain” in an awards acceptance speech, but hey—that’s why we love Betty White.