Must-See TV and Movies This May

We love TV and movies that are full of twists and turns – but this year, real life has had more plot twists than we can count! 

But, even with the unpredictability of production schedules, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming month, as actors and production companies do their best to keep us all entertained.

We’re keeping as up-to-date as possible with new releases so you’ll have lots to look forward to in May! Here’s what we’re looking forward to the most:

Upload – Amazon Prime, May 1

We love Black Mirror, but sometimes it gives us the “heebie jeebies” with its dark take on a not-so-distant future. Right now, we need to laugh a little and Upload, from Greg Daniels of The Office, gives us exactly what we need right now. A sci-fi comedy about a tech bro who, after an accident, decides to die – and upload his consciousness into a wild, digitally constructed afterlife. 

Billions – Showtime, May 3

“The world’s changing, and you’re right in the centre of it.” We couldn’t agree more. The first half of Season 5 premiers in early May but be prepared: there will be a bit of suspense before the second half is released. This season, Julianna Marguiles joins the cast as a Yale professor and Corey Stoll making an appearance as a “social impact pioneer.” Sounds like the coolest and potentially one of the most important jobs of the 21st century.

I Know This Much Is True – HBO, May 10

Originally scheduled for an April launch, we’re grateful that the team behind this Wally Lamb adaptation was able to pull off a May release. This limited drama series follows the lives of two twin brothers as they and their family struggle with the effects of mental illness and work together towards forgiveness. The cast is stacked but the most noteworthy member is Mark Ruffalo, who is not just the executive producer, but also stars in the leading role of both twin brothers.

Genius: Aretha – National Geographic, May 25

For four consecutive nights, starting Monday, May 25, National Geographic explores the genius, the talent, the perseverance of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul with the first four episodes of this eight episode season of Genius. Why so much so quickly? We’d love to think it’s because Nat Geo knows we need something truly binge-worthy, but the move actually ensures that the show can apply for Emmy nomination, which requires at least half of a program to have aired before their deadline of May 31st. Lucky for us, right? 

Love Island – CBS, May 28

Never fear, the perfect Spring escape show is here! Thank goodness for Love Island, which seems to be on schedule for their May 28th release date. We can’t wait for another dose of some utterly escapist tropical love drama. If ever there was a perfect time for not-so reality TV, now is definitely it.