10 Must-Watch Thanksgiving TV Shows and Specials

You might think that Thanksgiving TV shows and specials are as old as Thanksgiving itself. But the’90s and ’00s are when the Thanksgiving specials became essential viewing.

We still have to watch these 10 TV shows and specials every Thanksgiving. Which ones are your favourites?

Friends – “The One with All the Thanksgivings”

The only series that had us looking forward to “flashback episodes” – and this one was especially fun. The gang remembers all of their past Thanksgivings together. Who could ever forget clumsy teenage Monica trying to get back at college boy Chandler for his mean comments the year before?

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

Sure, this special might have come out before you were born, but how could a holiday go by without Charlie Brown and the gang? Trick question: it can’t!

Home Improvement

Tim and his family are invited to spend Thanksgiving at a luxury suite at the Lion’s football game, and the hilarious Rodney Dangerfield makes a guest appearance!

Gilmore Girls – “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

You know what it’s like, you try to fit all the Thanksgiving dinners in but all it does is run you ragged. Lorelai and Rory aim to hit 4 Thanksgiving dinners and are met with Tofurky, deep-fried turkey, a much too intimate foursome with Luke, and an announcement about Rory’s unexpected Ivy League plans.

Will & Grace – “Homo for the Holidays”

What’s a family Thanksgiving without surprises and family secrets being revealed? No, Cher does not show up for Thanksgiving but Jack’s mother does. And, when she arrives we discover that; somehow, she doesn’t know that Jack is gay. More shocking? Jack’s mom has a secret of her own.

Roseanne – “We Gather Together”

Roseanne never shied away from sharing what family life was really like – and the holidays were no different. Roseanne wants her folks to stay at a hotel and Jackie is still hiding the fact that she joined the police force.  It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the stress, family strife, and Aunt Jackie in tears.

Friends – “The One with the Football”

Yep! Another one! 10 seasons, 10 hilarious Thanksgivings and this was one of our absolute favourites. The gang plays football for the honour of winning The Geller Cup, and Chandler quizzes Joey about where Dutch people come from.

The Simpsons – “Bart vs Thanksgiving”

Bart runs away from home after accidentally destroying the table centre piece that Lisa worked so hard on. After a night out on the streets, he returns home and, in an unprecedented move, apologizes to Lisa! *GASP!*

Everybody Loves Raymond – “No Fat”

Thanksgiving dinner is just not the time to start eating “healthy.” Unless, of course, you’re supporting your parents in their mission to eat better. Unfortunately, Raymond’s support ends up having the whole family having to endure and entire Thanksgiving tofu turkey.

How I Met Your Mother – “Slapsgiving”

It’s the first American Thanksgiving at Lily and Marshall’s – of course Robin knows the real Thanksgiving happens in October – Ted and Robin have broken up – and exes should never be left alone together just in case (and of course “It” happens). Marshall has one slap left from winning a bet with Barney the year prior and he’s been planning Slapsgiving ever since…