Our March Must-See TV and Movies


From start to end, the month of March will be full of sci-fi, fantasy, incredible history, and frightening reimaginings. This March, TV and movies will have the month coming in like a lion – and going out like a lion, too! 


Dispatches from Elsewhere – AMC, March 1 

When seemingly unrelated people all start noticing patterns and puzzles from the “Dispatches from Elsewhere” hidden in their everyday lives, they struggle between questioning their sanity and bonding through common purpose. With an all-star cast featuring Sally Field, Andre 3000, Richard E. Grant, and creator/writer/actor Jason Segel, this new show holds great promise.


Breeders – FX, March 2

Most parents can probably relate to having a love/hate relationship with their children, just like the one Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard have in this comedy about an overwhelmed married couple and their kids. 


Pixar’s Onward – Cineplex, March 6 

When two teenage elf brothers receive a gift that only brings back half of their dear dad, the boys set off on a quest to figure out how to bring back the rest of him. The thing is, they only have 24 hours and they need to avoid a curse in order to make it happen.


Black Monday – Showtime, Mar. 15

We already grew to love the throwback ’80s fashion – and Don Cheadle’s hair – in season one. In the second season of this Wall Street comedy, the show moves on from the great stock market crash of 1987 to focus on the new power attained by last season’s underdogs.


Westworld – HBO, Mar. 15

If you thought season two was confusing, get ready for more complex twists and turns in season three of this hotly anticipated series. The bots may no longer be in the park, but ever-increasing AI in the real world creates more disorder, anxiety, and conflict. What’s real? What’s not? We have to wait and see. 


The Plot against America – HBO, Mar. 16

This adaptation of late novelist Philip Roth’s book imagines a future in which well-known Hitler supporter Charles Lindbergh becomes president and turns America toward fascism. Sure to be chilling, the six-part miniseries stars Winona Ryder, Zoe Kazan, and John Turturro, and was co-created by Ed Burns and David Simon, known for The Wire and The Deuce.


Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C. J. Walker – Netflix, Mar. 20

One of the most innovative entrepreneurs of the 20th century, Madam C. J. Walker is played by Octavia Spencer in this biopic miniseries. A hair care pioneer and philanthropist, Madam Walker became the wealthiest self-made woman in America by the time of her death in 1919, not to mention during the golden age of Black entrepreneurship.


Mulan – Cineplex, March 27 

A project that has had multiple false starts since 2010, the live-action of Disney’s Mulan is finally opening in theatres this month. We can’t wait to see how this epic multi-genre(fantasy/war/drama comes to big screen, sharing the Chinese folk tale of Mulan, the high-spirited eldest daughter of an honoured warrior, who must focus her determination, call on her innermost strength, and step into her full potential to defend her country.