Ten ’90s-Inspired Costumes That Will Rock Your Halloween

It’s Halloween and it’s time to celebrate all weekend long – but what will you wear?

Don’t be that guy who shows up in a bathrobe “fresh from the shower.” These ’90s-inspired costumes are the remedy for your Halloween costume malaise.

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

Hawaiian shirts, tutus, combat boots – the many memorable outfits of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective are always a hit at parties. And really – who hasn’t wanted to wear a tutu, just once? Aaaaaalrighty then!

Totally Clueless!

A whole lot of brightly coloured plaid, a couple of pairs of knee socks, and a flip phone or two. As if you could find a more recognizable duo than Cher and Dionne! 

Men in Black

We won’t tell anyone how easy it was to pull this costume together. Pick an initial, don a black suit, white shirt, dark sunglasses, and carry a “memory eraser.” Done.

Go Go Power Rangers!

Got a group and a dedication to the extreme? MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RAAANGERRRRS!

Pick a Britney

Most people go for the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Britney, so throw them a curve ball and go all out with the full red vinyl of an “Oops! … I Did It Again” Brit-Brit.

Spice Girls

In a solo costume or as a supergroup (we prefer the latter), you can’t go wrong with the Spice Girls. Spice up your life!

Pulp Fiction

Really, any combination of Mrs. Mia Wallace, Vincent Vega, and Jules Winnfield is a winner as far as we’re concerned. And you’ll have your dance moves baked right in!

Wayne & Garth

Wayne and Garth are always Halloween-worthy. If you can score a Mirthmobile, your costume will be mega! Remember to wear your Brut if you’re going as Garth. His woman likes him in cologne.

Romy & Michele

Remember your packs of Post-Its! These two sophisticated, educated, successful career women just looking for a “Business Woman Special” make an amazing duo for besties out on Halloween.

Kurt & Courtney

As a couple or individually, the King and Queen of Grunge will always be one of the greatest ’90s costumes of all time.

Which ’90s-inspired costume is your favourite? What costume will you wear this year?