Our 5 MOST Iconic Dylan & Brenda Moments in Beverly Hills 90210

Our hearts broke when we received the news that Luke Perry – who played our favourite ’90s bad boy, “Dylan McKay” – passed away suddenly, earlier this year.

With the entire cast – including Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh (!) – reuniting for the quickly approaching reboot of Beverly Hills 90210, we’re reminiscing about our favourite Dylan McKay moments from the original show.

He may have been a bad boy with a temper, a troubled family history, and a fierce signature squint, but underneath it all, Dylan McKay had a sensitive heart – and that’s what got us (and Brenda) every time.

No matter how much Dylan and Brenda might have eventually moved on, it’s their tumultuous teen relationship that we’ll always remember.

Our countdown of the top 5 Dylan & Brenda moments from the original Beverly Hills 90210:

Dylan, Brenda, and the flowerpot

We’donly just started to get to know Dylan McKay’s rocky history with his parents, in particular his absentee father, an unethical financier. When Dylan discovers his father at his house, they have a blow-up of a fight that results in Brenda running out of the house and Dylan smashing a flowerpot at her feet in misdirected anger. She tries to flee, but Dylan gets her to stay and melts all of our hearts when he begins to cry and seeks comfort in Brenda’s arms.

Dylan and Brenda at the Spring Fling

While he might have originally been cast as an occasional character, the chemistry between Dylan andBrenda exploded, making them one of the most serious teen couples of the early ’90s.  So serious, in fact, that their relationship leapt to the next level when they decided to have sex the night of the Spring Fling.

Brenda losther virginity to Dylan – and the fans went wild! Brenda was excited, Dylan was sweet, and they were both totally, utterly happy. That is, until the next season …

Brenda & Dylan break up (for the first time)

Though Season One ended with Brenda and Dylan feeling no remorse after the Spring Fling, the producers decided that sex without dire consequences was too simpleand asked the writers to address it in Season Two.

In the first episode of the second season, Brenda decidestheir relationship has become too mature too quickly and breaks up with Dylan. We’ll never forget the heartbreak, which we’ll always associate with R.E.M.’s hit “Losing My Religion.”

Brenda catches Dylan & Kelly

When Brenda returns home from spending the summer in Paris, she accidentally figures out that Kelly wasthe mystery girl that Dylan had a fling with when sheruns into themat a restaurant. Of course, Brenda was only at the restaurant because she was on a date with Rick, the guy with whom she had had a thing in France!

The fiery argument and eventual ultimatum marks the beginning of what just might be the greatest love triangle in TV history.

Brenda & Dylan reunite in London

Long after Brenda and Dylan had their last round of romance, they reuniteagainjust before she moves to London to attend drama school. While Brenda is officially written off the show at that point, it’s assumed that she and Dylan live together for the next two years. When Dylan returns, he and Brenda have finally ended their long-lasting relationship once and for all.

We can’t wait for the 90210 reboot to see what our favourite characters have been up to while they were away, but one thing we know for sure – there will never be another teen romance like that of Dylan & Brenda.