The 9 Best ’90s TV Couples

Did the nineties have more wedding episodes than any other TV era? We wouldn’t be surprised, because there were a whole lot of TV couples worth emulating in that era . . . and a few who weren’t. Here are our favourites.

Zach & Kelly from Saved by the Bell

Most high school sweethearts don’t make it, but we always cheered for Zach and Kelly. And when Kelly cheated with a college student, and it looked like Zach and Kelly might’ve been done for? OMG. By the way, that actor still gets grief about it to this day.

Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky from Full House

How on earth did Uncle Jesse acquire such a reputation as a ladies’ man? Once he was committed to Aunt Becky, they stayed madly in love with each other and most of their conflicts seemed pretty jokey.

Miranda & Steve from Sex and the City

There are so many relationships to choose from in Sex and the City, but for our time, it’s the unlikely duo of high-strung lawyer Miranda Hobbes and laid-back goofball Steve Brady who are really the best. Miranda gives Steve much-needed structure and motivation, even yelling at him when he wasn’t taking his cancer diagnosis seriously, and Steve gave Miranda love and support even when she acted like she didn’t need any. Just don’t talk to us about the movies, okay?

Lisa & Will from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Unlike a lot of TV couples, these two didn’t end up together. But that’s okay! Lisa helped Will grow up a bit, give up his womanizing behaviour, and commit to something real.

Cory & Topanga from Boy Meets World

Why did super innocent childhood sweethearts Cory and Topanga end up together? Because it was a kids show and life needs to be magical sometimes! And if you happened to be around 11 when this show aired, one (or both!) of these characters may have been your first TV crush.

Xena & Gabrielle from Xena, Warrior Princess

Okay, they weren’t “officially” a couple, but come on. Why else would Xena keep Gabrielle around? Remember when Gabrielle dulls Xena’s chakram by using it to cut fish? Get it together, Gabrielle.

Darlene & David from Roseanne

As Roseanne put it, it’s a bit of a rude stereotype to have their daughter pregnant by a boy they considered to be like a son—but David and Darlene worked.

Steve Urkel & Myra Monkhouse from Family Matters

Yes, Urkel spent the whole series pining for Laura. And yes, they eventually ended up together. And yes, Myra ultimately went nuts when she and Steve broke up, culminating with her pretending to be his girlfriend on national TV when Steve was stuck in space during a spacewalk (yes, this was a wacky show). But when Urkel and Myra dated, they made for a cute and funny couple.

Ross & Rachel from Friends

Okay, let’s get one thing clear: by best TV couples, we don’t necessarily mean healthiest, we mean most fun to watch. It’s hard to even summarize the ups and downs of this fun to watch but probably tragic to be around TV couple, but they were always on the table because of their undeniable chemistry (and obsession with each other). And if we’re being honest, Chandler and Monica were the better couple.