The Best ’90s Family Shows Still on TV

We can’t live without our cable packages for the latest news and the watercooler-worthy sports and contest programs. There are even some great shows from the ’90s that you can still watch on specialty cable channels and via streaming services. Combined they’ll give you all the TV viewing options you want!

Family sitcoms have always been prime content for prime time, and the ’90s were no exception. We’d even say that some of the most interesting family-focused shows came out during that decade! They showed us that families can come in all shapes and sizes.

Our Favourite Family Sitcoms of the 1990s:


She was the poster girl for early ’90s pre-teen fashion: Blossom was one of our favourites. And who didn’t love her goofy brother Joey? “WOAH!” You can still catch them on Dejaview.

Family Guy

Another show that just makes it under the wire, Family Guy, also debuted in 1999. But we could never leave it out. With running gags so steeped in nostalgia, like the Kool-Aid Guy’s “Ooooh yeah!” and Stewie’s insistence on pronouncing it “Cool Hwip,” it’s earned its place in our ’90s TV must-haves.


Two Crane men under one roof, plus a third who just can’t stay away. The hilarious neuroticism, mixups, and familial confusion continue to make us laugh today. Thank goodness we can still revisit their antics on Crave and Dejaview.

Full House

The producers of the show called it the Brady Bunch of the ’90s and you know what, that’s pretty accurate. We always thought it was a remix of Three Men and a Baby – but bigger, better, and now with a grown-up version in which we can still follow our favourite lovingly dysfunctional family (and Kimmy Gibbler, of course).

Grace under Fire

This show was totally different from anything we’d seen on TV before. Based on the life of a single mother of three children, learning how to rebuild her life after divorcing her abusive husband. It was relatable, real, and funny, and you can rewatch it all on Amazon Prime.

Married with Children

One of the most memorable families on Prime Time – we couldn’t get enough of Al, Peggy, Bud, and Kelly. We still think of Kelly’s stint as a weather girl whenever there are “thunder stroms over Chick-a-go.”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Bet you can’t read the title without singing the theme song! In fact, you can bet that playing the theme from The Fresh Prince still gets a crowd going every time. It wasn’t just the song, though; the show broke barriers and gave us many memorable moments. How could you ever forget the Aunt
Viv switch, or that epically emotional moment between Will and Uncle Phil? We’re not crying, you’re crying.

The Nanny

The show that introduced us to the often imitated, but never duplicated Fran Drescher, The Nanny forever changed our vision of a family that was both perfect and perfectly dysfunctional.