Top 3 Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Kids This Fall

Fall is quickly approaching. If you’re a parent starting to get your son or daughter packed and ready to move away for the new school season, there is a lot to do. It’s an exciting time, and you’re probably going to be looking for ways to stay in contact with your son or daughter as they enter the next big chapter in life.  Here’s a handy tip: An empty nest does not have to mean an empty wallet.

Here are 3 ways you can stay in touch this school year without breaking the bank:


#1. The Right Home Phone and Long Distance Plan

Whether you’re a big talker, or just like to check in, finding the Home Phone and Long Distance plan that’s right for you is crucial. Spending quality time on the phone catching up with your son or daughter after they’ve left home should be enjoyable. If you find that you’re cutting a call short to keep the phone bill down, then you probably don’t have the right plan. On the other hand, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles or an Unlimited Long Distance calling plan – you may want a  basic solution to save more.

Your provider should offer a solution that’s right for you.  Here are some options to check out.

#2. A Reliable Internet Connection

If you’re someone who likes to video call, then you know the frustration that comes from a poor Internet connection. A quick chat with your kid between classes or before bed shouldn’t be interrupted by pixelated video or delayed audio. Your Internet service provider should offer High Speed plans that will keep your costs low and your video quality high. If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, take this short quiz now. In moments, you’ll know how you can cut your Internet bill and save.

#3. The Perfect Cost Savings Bundle

For parents of a post-secondary student, we know that the bills can really add up. Between tuition payments, books, housing and more, being able to save money wherever you can is a huge bonus. If you’re looking into a better Home Phone and Internet plan, why not bundle? Bundling can help you save month after month so you can put aside some extra cash to spoil your son or daughter the next time they come home for a visit.

Distributel Bundle

Not sure which bundle is right for you? Check out our bundle options here.
Expensive Home Phone and Internet bills shouldn’t get in the way of keeping up with your kids this school year. By making the easy switch to Distributel today, you won’t have to miss a thing, all year long.

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