What We’re Watching This Month (July)

When we’re not spending some safely socially distanced time in the sun, we’re inside streaming. This month there are movies, series, documentaries, and even a musical. 


Disney+, July 3

Has there been a musical this huge since Rent? No one can watch Hamilton on Broadway right now, but we’ll all be able to see a filmed version of the stage musical this month on Disney+. And sure, there’s nothing quite like the live theatre, but this promises to be a truly amazing experience too. Remember that creator Lin Manuel Miranda and some other original cast members have moved and no longer do the Broadway show, but they’re back specifically for this. So, check out the trailer and get ready for the closest thing to a big stage extravaganza we’ll get for the foreseeable future. 


CBC & CBC Gem, July 3

Anishinaabe chef Shawn Adler takes Canadians to our own wild places and shows us some of the unique and interesting food growing all around us. 

The Babysitters Club

Netflix, July 3

Okay, we know that between the book series and the original 90s TV show, this new adaptation by Netflix has pretty big shoes to fill. But the trailer looks pretty good, and these new babysitters look very official and responsible, so we’ll give them a chance. 


Netflix, July 8

Four strangers meet at an Australian detention centre in the middle of the desert: a young woman fleeing a suburban cult, a father with a dead-end job, an Afghan refugee escaping persecution, and a bureaucrat in the middle of a national scandal. This limited series premiered to critical acclaim at the Berlin Film Festival and is partly inspired by the true story of Cornelia Rau, a woman unlawfully detained in a controversial Australian government program. 

Tough as Nails

Global, July 8

Imagine a bunch of steelworkers, drywallers, fishermen, and other people who work with their hands in competitions where they have to do stuff like shovel gravel, lay railroad, and dismantle cars. That’s basically how this new reality competition goes, and we can’t wait to see how tough they really are. 


Apple+, July 10

Slated to be one of the biggest films of the summer, Greyhound will be instead premiering on Apple+ thanks to the pandemic. The film features Tom Hanks as a ship captain during the Battle of the Atlantic in the early days of the American entry to the war. 


CBC & CBC Gem, July 17

An original series set in the world of competitive duck decoy carving, this mockumentary takes us to the Northern Alberta Duck Decoy Carving Competition in Lloydminster, Alberta. 

30 Rock Special

NBC, July 17

Liz Lemon is back in an hour-long commercial-free special. Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, and Jack McBrayer will all return in their roles. We’ve heard that the special was filmed remotely but don’t know much else, so this will be exciting. 


Nation Geographic, week of July 19

This year’s SharkFest will feature specials about why sharks like to visit underwater volcanoes, how shark versus dolphin combat works, and a search for the world’s largest tiger shark. 


Amazon Prime, July 24

Rosamond Pike stars as Marie Curie in this biopic that covers the famous scientist’s personal life, scientific discoveries, and the fallout of everything she uncovered. Fun fact: this film was directed by Marjane Satrapi, author of acclaimed graphic novel Persepolis

Last Chance U: Laney 

Netflix, July 28

If sports documentaries are your thing, then there is no finer series than Last Chance U, which is back for a fifth season called Laney, as it takes place at Laney College in Oakland. If you’re not a sports person, here’s what it’s all about: young men, sometimes from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, struggle to find success in life the only way they can, which is through football scholarships. Forget professional sports, these guys are much more compelling. 

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