What We’re Watching This Month (September)

It’s playoff season, movie theatres are back with big blockbuster pictures, and the Emmys will be utterly unique. September, we demand to be entertained!

Bill & Ted Face the Music

September 1, Cineplex

“Be excellent to each other,” is the message 2020 needs. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back as Bill and Ted. They still need to save the world with music, so they plan on stealing a hit song from their future selves. William Sadler is back as Death, and we’ll be joined by Bill and Ted’s daughters, along with some new historical figures. Party on!


September 3, Cineplex

Spy thriller about preventing World War III sounds a little by the numbers, but Tenet is directed by Christopher Nolan, the guy who wrinkled everyone’s brain with Inception. It stars John David Washington as a spy with a complex relationship to time. He can’t time travel, but he can communicate with the future. See this film in IMAX, 35mm, or 70mm. Here’s the trailer


September 18, Netflix 

One of the all-time great cinematic villains, Nurse Ratched is getting an origin story in this miniseries. Starring Sarah Paulson as the titular nurse whom we’ll follow from her early days as a sympathetic nurse to the cruel monster she becomes, Ratched also features Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, and Sharon Stone. With a heavy hitting cast like that, who can resist?

NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Mid to late September, Sportsnet

Well, Edmonton broke our hearts. Montreal fought valiantly. Calgary gave it a good shot. But now, we’re left with Vancouver as the great white north’s sole hope of Stanley Cup glory. Not that we’ll tune out if the Canucks don’t go the distance. At this point, we’ll even watch the New York Islanders. 

The 72nd Emmy Awards

September 20, CTV

Jimmy Kimmel will host what will surely be the most unique Emmy ceremony to date. It won’t be in a theatre—it’ll be held virtually, with actors tuning in from their homes. What on earth will that look like? Which stars will be watching with their families? And who has the most interesting home? We can’t wait to see. 

Animation Domination 

September 27, FOX

The best animation night is back at the end of the month. Venerable TV mainstay The Simpsons kicks off their thirty-third season, along with Family Guy (season 19), the sweet and musical Bob’s Burgers (season 11), and animation newcomer Bless the Harts (season 2). We could use a laugh, so we’re looking forward to two straight hours of jokes. 

NBA Finals

September 30, TSN, Sports Network

We’re hoping that the Raptors not only make it into the finals, but that they take the whole thing. Come on, 2020, we need this.