8 Neat Smart Plug Hacks for the Bedroom

A smart plug is an Internet of Things device that can help you turn any device on or off remotely. You plug it into the wall, plug your device into it, and then you can easily turn power on or off via your home network or Bluetooth. Some smart plugs have timers and some come in strips.

7 Neat Smart Plug Hacks for the Kitchen & Utility Room

A smart plug lets you remotely turn power on or off to nearly any powered device in your home.

5 Lesser-Known Canadian Sports Triumphs

Sure, you know all about our hockey prowess, We the North, and the best bat flip in history, but what about some of Canada’s lesser-known sports...

4 Popular Sports Canadians Helped to Invent

Canadian fingerprints are on many of North America’s biggest sports. Football evolved from soccer and rugby, both considerably older games.

Why You Should Set Up an IoT Network

There are a lot of cool smart devices out there.