5 Reasons to Be Excited About This Year’s Blue Jays

Well, we beat the Yankees during our first outing at the baseball diamond, so we might as well plan the parade, right? We’re excited about this year’s Blue Jays and here’s why. If you take a look at Fangraphs, you’ll see they have Toronto finishing 88-72.

Possible Free Agent Signings for Toronto FC

It’s official: Rafael Santos Borré won’t be joining Toronto FC. Instead, he’ll be joining a club team in Brazil.

Memorable Moments from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

If the Oscars are the most prestigious awards show of the awards season, then the Screen Actors Guild Awards are like the comedy roast of the awards...

The 8 Best Simpsons Canadian Cameos

It was tough to narrow down the best celebrity cameos on The Simpsons to just seven. So here are a few more, only this time they’re all Canadian.

The 7 Coolest YTV Hosts of 90s YTV

90s YTV was awesome, in large part thanks to the small group of program hosts. Hey, if MUCH could have VJs, then YTV could have PJs.