14 Smart Tech Gifts We’d Like to Get This Christmas

If we’d like these gifts, we’re sure you or all the people on your list might like them too. 

PlayStation Classic

This reissue ($199.96) is 45% smaller than the original and comes with 20 pre-loaded games and two controllers. Cue the Tekken 3 tournament. 


This small yet stylish smart safe ($199) can hold things like credit cards or jewellery and is designed to be overlooked. And if it does get taken, it has a location tracker. 

Goal Zero Nomad 10 Portable Solar Panel

We love being disconnected in the great outdoors, but we also need to charge phones now and again. This portable solar panel ($79.85) will do just that. 

PhoneSoap Pro

This handy phone charger ($119.95) is also a UVB sanitizer that’ll clean 99% of the germs from your phone. 

ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

Most of us can get by with a coat. For the chronically cold, this heated vest ($598) is the answer. It comes with a discreet battery pack, is water resistant, and distributes heat evenly. 

A Keyboard Cover

Want to protect a standard Mac keyboard from dust and spills? This keyboard cover ($20) will do the trick. And it comes in colours beyond hot pink. If, for some reason, hot pink isn’t your style. 

Smart Sprinklers

We’re sick of watering the yard so we want smart sprinkler to do it for us. Or we want another boring but useful smart device for the home

Apple Airtag

Slap this little beauty ($39) on your keys (or other thing you’re always forgetting) and you can use the iPhone Find My app to track it. Oh, and free engraving! 


Think of it as a digital stocking stuffer. You’re probably not going to shell out millions for one of those super old-school memes, but you can spend ten or twenty bucks and some unique digital art or digital basketball cards

Theragun Prime

This cool looking massager ($399) uses percussive therapy to provide deep muscle treatment. Ideal for gym rats or just people like us who feel tired and sore. 

Muse 2 Meditation Headband

We find it hard to meditate without some help, which is where this smart headband ($299) helps. It measures your EEG, breathing, heart rate, and more, giving you actual feedback you can use to see if your meditation technique is working. 

Click & Grow Smart Garden

Plants are super fussy, so we’re content to leave their care to the Click & Grow Smart Garden ($185.95). It takes care of the plants (over 75 to choose from!) and we just harvest when ready. 

A Chromecast

Chromecasts are a super cool and affordable way to stream TV. Oh, and they have a bunch of other features that people don’t think of, such as the ability to put your phone screen on the TV, run Google Meetings, or stream music. 

Distributel TV Service

It comes with a built-in Chromecast, 50 hours of cloud PVR, and allows for pausing and rewinding of live TV. Oh, and it’s wireless, so it’s on every TV in the house. Plans start at $64.95.