5 Ridiculous Dates from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise is well known for creating some of the strangest, most unexpected dates out there – often with disastrous results. And yet, sometimes, when you’re looking for a great date concept, the most surreal ideas can become your best inspiration.

The next time you’re thinking of a memorable date activity, it might just be the most bizarre dates from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that get your wheels turning.

Here’s how we’d turn the weirdest TV dates from the shows in to some of the coolest date ideas.

The Zombie Paintball Date

Who could ever forget Ashley’s use of the paintball gun on The Bachelor Season 19? *shudder*

Just because this group date went off the rails in Bachelor Chris Soules’ season doesn’t mean that the general concept was off. We think there are actually two great dating ideas packed into this single TV disaster.

Taking your special someone on a paintball excursion or to a haunted house could turn out to be a fun-filled date! As long as the competition isn’t other people vying for your affection armed with paintball guns…

The Zero Gravity Date

Extreme dates are the name of the game on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so zero gravity might have seemed pretty tame. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop Vanessa from being sick, or Season 21 Bachelor Nick Viall from trying to kiss her better right afterwards. Ew.

We’d say no to zero gravity and choose a skydiving simulator instead! It’s much more controlled – with far less risk of losing your lunch (in fact, we’d suggest eating after the activity, just in case).

The Country Music Date

Who wouldn’t feel self-conscious from having to flex your creativity by writing and performing an on-the-spot original song in front of a room that includes professional country and western stars? That’s exactly what happened in Chris Soules’ season.

Not everyone’s a singer/songwriter – but everyone can have a good time at karaoke, whether they sing or they just watch! We’d give a big thumbs up for a karaoke date, any time.

Just skip the professional critics.

The Love Lab Date

We can only imagine that the producers had no idea what would go down on Season 20 when Bachelor Ben Higgins had to evaluate the body odour of each of his dates while blindfolded.  What could possibly wrong?

Sure, there’s a lot to be said for liking the way your date smells, but a blindfolded sniff test is a pretty unromantic way to go about it!/p>

Instead, we’d choose a date at a make-your-own perfume or scented candle workshop where you can both enjoy blending your own signature scents and get to know what kind of fragrances your date responds to best.

The Roast Date

No. Just NO. One of the most cringe-worthy dates in the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise history. We couldn’t watch as Bachelorette Ashley Hebert had to endure a roast delivered by a group of men she was dating on The Bachelorette, Season 7.

A sense of humour is critical in romance – but rule number one is that you never tell a joke at your partner’s expense! If we didn’t know why before that fateful date, we all do now.

We’d much rather engage a date’s sense of humour by going to a stand-up comedy show to see what tickles their funny bone, instead of making sure they start looking for flaws to make fun of.

The season finale of The Bachelorette airs July 22 on CityTV.