6 Times Seinfeld Taught Us About Physical Distancing

Way back in the 90s, Jerry and the gang gave us all the tools we needed to cope with the challenges of physical distancing.


That time that Elaine was dating Aaron, a sweet guy with absolutely no concept of personal space.


His first trip to “Price Club” was like every grocery trip we’re doing right now.


“The kissing thing is over! There’s no more kissing and I don’t care what the consequences are!” Yep. Basically.


Who knew Frank Costanza’s doctor provided the relaxation tape and mantra we all need now.


The best example of how to stand in line for food while maintaining adequate physical distancing – and remember to get everything you want when you’re there, because you can’t go back!


Jerry was all over the wash-your-hands lesson long before the world recognized its importance.


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