6 Ways Tech & the Internet Is Changing Your Home Workout

Most of us are on the way back to the gym soon—or, at least, will have the option before long. But thanks to a lot of new tech on the market and content creators on the internet, it’s easier than ever before to work out from home (or elsewhere) using new internet-connected devices, free services, and a better understanding of health.

Living Room Aerobics Is Back in a Big Way

Once upon a time, everyone was putting on neon spandex and sweatin’ to the oldies with Richard Simmons. Of course, by everyone we mean people who had some free time in the midmorning, when his and other workout shows would air on daytime TV. So as popular as the aerobics revolution was, only a specific segment of the population could get in on it.

Now, thanks to YouTube and other streaming services, anyone can get a living room workout on demand. Even Richard Simmons is back!

Family Fitness Is a Thing

Perhaps this was inevitable. Thanks to COVID-19, gyms were closed, and families were stuck at home—so why not work out together? There are now lots of online family fitness classes to check out. Sure, maybe your five-year-old doesn’t really need a fitness class per se, but maybe including the little ankle biter is the best way to do an activity together.

Audio Fitness Is a New Trend

Screen fatigue is a real thing. If you’re sick of Zoom calls and you’ve watched enough TV shows to last a lifetime, consider one of the many audio workout programs out there. And if you’re curious about the idea but still unsure, think back to how much you look at a screen during a streaming workout class.

At-Home Yoga Is More Accessible Than Before

Sure, you can do yoga anywhere there’s space for a yoga mat. But most of us haven’t until now, because . . . well, we don’t know what we’re doing. Thankfully, there are now yoga classes for all levels of expertise for free on YouTube or for a bit of cash on workout apps.

Fitness Trackers Have Made Everything a Workout

If you haven’t yet bought into the fitness tracker trend, here are a few things to know. 1) It’s actually very interesting to see accurate data on how much you move during the day. Tracking things like nutrition, activity levels, activity intensity, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more is the first step to measuring future fitness success. 2) Gamifying fitness makes it more fun, so you’re more likely to do things like go for a walk when you’d prefer not to. 3) There’s a social component, and being fit with other people helps you on your own fitness journey.

Sleep Has Become a Key Health Component

More and more, fitness experts are recognizing that good sleep is just as important as a good workout and good nutrition. Sleep monitoring apps and devices, such as the Dodow or the Cove, can help you repair your sleep schedule and monitor the quality of sleep you get. Remember, gains you get from a good workout can be squandered by poor sleep.