9-1-1 Lone Star Recap: “Negative Space” (S3E12)

Spoilers ahead!

Cops are on scene investigating the pig found in Captain Owen Strand’s bed. Texas Ranger Gabriel Reyes is trying to determine who would hate Owen so much, leading to a frank and funny exchange over who Owen has punched in the last six months.

Catherine Harper: What about that guy you punched?

Gabriel Reyes: Deputy Chief Tyson.

Owen Strand: Oh no, Billy and I are good.

Catherine Harper: You punched the deputy chief?

Gabriel Reyes: Wait, you punched someone else?

Mateo: Sargent O’Brien.

Gabriel Reyes: Who’s Sergeant O’Brien?

Mateo: Motorcycle cop. Cap’ clocked him.

Gabriel Reyes: You punched a police sergeant?

Owen Strand: He was not in uniform at the time.

Mateo: He was wearing a number.

Owen Strand: A jersey. He was wearing a jersey.

Gabriel Reyes: But that’s not who you meant?

Catherine Harper: Uh, no.

Owen Strand: That was just some guy.

Gabriel Reyes: Recently?

Owen Strand: Two days ago?

Gabriel Reyes: So recently, you punched just some guy?

Owen Strand: That’s right.

Gabriel Reyes: You slug anyone else in, say, the last six months?

Owen Strand: Oh, there was the deputy from Kirk County.

Gabriel Reyes: Another cop?

Owen Strand: He was involved in human trafficking. And my life and the life of several others were at risk. You can ask Marjan, she was there.

Owen thinks that the corrupt cop, Roy Griffin, must be in jail—which is a fair assumption, given that Marjan witnessed Griffin killing a man in cold blood and then tried to kill Owen. But he’s been let out and his case won’t even go to trial, prompting Owen to warn everyone at the station to keep an eye out for Griffin.

Meanwhile, the ambulance answers a call from a woman concerned that her cancer-ridden sister will not come to the door. They break in and begin to administer life-saving measures—albeit after a pause from Nancy Gillian. The cancer-ridden woman wakes up furious, as she has a Do Not Resuscitate bracelet around her wrist.

At a supermarket, Marjan and Paul watch Roy Griffin, who is currently a security guard. Angered by the injustice of it all, Marjan storms inside, stands on a counter, and uses the in-store PA system to call out Griffin.

Later, in trouble with Owen, Marjan finds out that Griffin was under surveillance by the Texas Rangers and she’s spoiled their operation. Also, now Griffin is aware that the fire house knows he’s out. Marjan suggests they tell Sadie Becker that Griffin is out; Owen has forgotten that she’s the woman who rented the cabin next door to his in the snowstorm and was likewise threatened by Griffin.

They meet up with Sadie at her art show and are surprised to see Griffin there too, mocking the art as pretentious. When he suggests that he wishes he’d shot Marjan, Owen strikes him. Of course, this was obvious goading on Griffin’s part, and Owen is led away in handcuffs.

Back at the station, Nancy finds out she’s being sued by the DNR woman. The city attorney thinks they have a great case, but Nancy later confesses to Captain Gina Torres that she did see the DNR. The two have an uncomfortable conversation about the ethics and duty of care owed to people with DNRs.

The 126 responds to a fire call at the art gallery, and Owen rushes inside to rescue Sadie, as she’s been illegally sleeping in the back room. Owen and Catherine are convinced that Griffin is involved somehow, but the cops won’t do anything. On the mend, Sadie stays with TK and Carlos, who offer to go through the footage from the faux biological attack from the Capitol.

Gina invites the DNR woman and her sister to a low-key meeting with her and Nancy. In a bid to get the DNR woman to drop her lawsuit, she bakes her husband’s famous pecan sandies and Nancy makes an emotional plea. However, the DNR woman is unmoved.

Owen and Catherine go to spy on Griffin’s house, ostensibly with Gabriel Reyes’ blessing. There, they find Marjan and send her on her way. Then, while watching Griffin’s house, they’re surprised by Griffin, who snaps a picture and informs them that they’re breaking a restraining order. However, as he gets into his car, it explodes, and Owen saves him.

Back at Carlos and TK’s, Carlos realizes that Sadie was at the Capitol the day of the attack. As he backs away from Sadie, she informs him that she’s fated to be with Owen—after all, they met the day after she left her husband and went through an ordeal together. Carlos passes out—Sadie has drugged both Carlos and TK with oxy.

Marjan, arriving at Carlos and TK’s to help with the footage review, is taken aback that they’ve left Sadie there alone. As she hears TK’s cell phone ringing, she’s stabbed in the back by Sadie. Marjan pulls out the knife and knocks Sadie out with a punch.

In the aftermath, Sadie is taken away to jail, and it’s revealed that the cops have found the head of her previous husband. Marjan is hell-bent on recovering and getting back to work. The DNR woman dies, but her sister informs Nancy that the suit was dropped and her sister has left Nancy with her DNR bracelet as a reminder. Owen confronts a burnt-up Griffin at the hospital; Owen knows the reason Griffin has been let off is because he cooperated with the FBI against his cartel buddies. When Griffin asks why Owen didn’t just let him burn, Owen responds that the burns will be a lifetime of pain, which is what Griffin deserves.

Final Thoughts

Is this the last we’ll see of Griffin? Given how badly the series wants a bad guy, we think not.

How badly will this affect TK’s sobriety?

Does Owen spend more time fighting crime or fighting fires?