Our Favourite Home Security/Doorbell Cam Videos

Internet-enabled doorbell cams are becoming as common as doorbells.  And they capture a surprising amount of life – and wildlife. Here are some of our favourite moments. 

Moose Pursuit

Two moose are pursued at low speed by police through a subdivision in Newfoundland like it’s no big deal.

Bear Cub Catches Snowflakes 

Apparently, snow is just as magical for ursine kids. 

Javelina Visit

Imagine wondering who’s been eating your porch plants and then finding out it’s a family of javelinas (we had to Google that too).

This Guy Found Out He Won the Nobel Prize in Economics 

No one from the committee or media could reach Paul Milgrom to let him know that he’d won the Nobel Prize for economics, so his co-winner and neighbour, Robert Wilson, had to pay him a visit at 2 a.m. 

Golden Retriever Learns to Use Doorbell

Who’s a good boy?

This Kid Got Dad’s Help with the TV

Need to know how to turn the TV to the kid’s channel? Well, go to the doorcam and ask Dad!

Meteor Shower 

Hate to miss out on astronomical events like meteor showers? A doorbell camera can help you out in a pinch. 

Trick or Treaters Leave Candy 

A guy put up a sign in front of his candy bowl that told trick or treaters to take as many candies as they wanted, and he jokingly added not to take all the Starbursts because they’re his wife’s favourite. But these nice kids noticed there were no Starbursts anymore, so they left a few of their own. 

Gingerbread Man Surprise 

Want to surprise your significant other? An inflatable gingerbread man costume will do it.