The Top 15 Couch Gags from The Simpsons

From simple on-off jokes to couch gags where really the whole intro is the gag, The Simpsons has been running these beloved gags since the second episode of their show, where Bart gets squished into the air and pops back down after a few seconds. Here are some of our favourites.

The Game of Thrones Parody

Who wasn’t parodying The Simpsons in 2019? Buildings rise out of the ground, driven by cogs, just as in the hit HBO series.

Meet The Flintstones

The first gag of season four, the Simpsons run in and see the Flintstones sitting on their couch. A clever nod to the criticism that The Simpsons had just ripped off The Flintstones, this older gag can’t be found on YouTube.

The Szyslaks

Everybody’s actually just Moe Szyslak, ugliest man in town. And the show gets cancelled right away.

Simpton Abbey

It’s a Simpsons-themed Downton Abbey intro!

Rick & Morty Crash the Simpsons

We’re treated to a whole little story when Rick and Morty accidentally kill the Simpsons and must copy them. Bart isn’t too happy and wants no more guest animators, man.

Robot Chicken Simpsons

Speaking of guest animators, this gag has Homer and family become toys and go on a Robot Chicken–style adventure.


But is it really a guest animator if you team up with your other show, Futurama?

The One Ring to Rule the Simpsons

The Simpsons go on an adventure inspired by The Hobbit. Honestly, watching this is probably better than watching The Hobbit.

Simpsons Time

Adventure Time was one of the most wonderful shows of all time, so of course The Simpsons had to parody it.

Live-Action Simpsons

It’s the classic intro, but everything’s live action. Fun fact: this was originally a Sky One promotion for the show; that’s why everything looks British.

Homer Evolves

Homer must evolve from a simple single-celled organism to every creature along the way to human before he gets home to his beloved couch. Bonus points for passing Moe heading in the opposite direction.

The Ultimate Christmas Gag

The Simpsons have done many a Christmas-themed couch gag, but this one is the most elaborate.

Guillermo del Toro’s Couch Gag

Famous horror director Guillermo del Toro put together what is perhaps the most epic couch gag of all time. There are dozens if not hundreds of references, and this video purports to have found them all.

Breaking Bad & The Simpsons

Not only do The Simpsons parody Breaking Bad, Jesse and Walt appear to be watching the show from their own couch at the end.

The Circus Extravaganza

The Simpsons rush in and form a musical kick line that expands to a whole circus. Actually the most-used couch gag of all time, appearing in ten episodes but even more often in syndication.