What We’re Watching This Month (August)

Is there anything like new TV and movies to beat the heat? Probably, but we’ll still be enjoying these new releases with a fan and a tall glass of ice water.  


Sportsnet, back on July 24

Okay, we’ve already watched our first Jays game of the season. But we plan on watching a whole lot more of them in August. We’ve missed most of the summer, so the league is playing a very short season in August and September. Post-season will begin in October. Bummer you can’t get to the ballpark, but you can still get some peanuts and Cracker Jack in your living room. You can buy Cracker Jack online, we checked.  


Sportsnet, NHL Live, back on August 1

Hockey is back and the first games include Blackhawks versus Oilers, Canadiens versus Penguins, and Jets versus Flames. What’s happening now is a round robin to figure out seeds for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The round robin should be wrapped up by August 10th, so after that we’re in the playoffs.  


Sportsnet, back on August 1

 The Raptors will be playing the Lakers on August 1. With their 46-18 record, they have a pretty good chance of going deep into the postseason. Speaking of which, teams are playing eight regular season games and then, their standings will affect their seeds going into the playoffs, which will be a conventional post season tournament. Except for the whole bubble cities thing. 

An American Pickle

HBO Max, August 6

Seth Rogan is an immigrant to America in the early twentieth century who falls into a vat of pickles and emerges one hundred years later, perfectly preserved. He then meets his only surviving relative, a shiftless thirty-something also played by Seth Rogan. Too much Seth Rogan? That remains to be seen. Based on the trailer, we’re expecting a lot of jokes and angst about adulthood. 

Star Trek: Lower Decks

CBS All Access, August 6

The Star Trek franchise gets animated for a second time in this comedy that focuses on the ensigns and other non-bridge officers. If the title sounds familiar to you, you’re a devoted Trekkie indeed. It’s an homage to the TNG episode of the same name that also focused on young officers. However, this show will be much more of a comedy. 

Project Power

Netflix, August 14

A new drug gives the user a superpower for five minutes—but it might also cause death. This unique take on superheroes stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback. See the trailer here

Ted Lasso 

Apple TV, August 14

Time for a sports comedy! Jason Sudeikis is an American football coach who takes a job in England coaching a professional soccer team despite having no experience with soccer or with British culture. It’s a pretty good fish-out-of-water concept that pokes fun at British and American foibles along with sporting culture. 

Lovecraft Country

HBO, August 16

Master of horror Jordan Peele joins forces with JJ Abrams to launch a series set in 1950s America. It follows three Black teenagers on a road trip to find a missing person, and along the way they encounter dangerous racists and Lovecraftian horrors from beyond. 


CBC, August 23

Dr. Jen Gunter, famous from Twitter for taking down pseudoscientific claims made by major celebrities, has a new show where she’ll debunk exploitive health and beauty myths. She’s the perfect antidote to the age of misinformation and we can’t wait hear her signature mix of humour and facts.